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will unveil a sculpture offhall of famer cal ripken jr. prior to thursday's series opener at camden yards. it is one of six celebrating this season and comes on thee17-year anniversary of the day ripken passee lou gehriggby plaaiig in a major league-record gehrig by playing in a day ripken passed lou year &pon the 17-celebrating thhs season ssulptures the club iss yards. it is one of six opener at camden prior o thursday's series faaer cal ripken jr. sculpture of haal of the orioles will unveil a priccs. remaining all sunday ---- plenty outsaaurday --- sold uppremaininn $28 and friday --- plenty level $102 toniggt---- clubbdd ttnight---- club level $102 priday --- plentyyup.saturday plenty prices.the orioles will unveil a amer cal ripken jr. prior to thursday'' series yards. it is one of six sculptures the club is celebrating his season and comes on the 17-day ripken passed lou gehrig by playing in a major league-record game, becoming baseball's "iron man." 3 3 --eell continue to bring you more coverage ((break 5)) 3&p((ad lib eteorologist)) we're continuing our coverage on
... are ssill searching for clues... innthe abduction... of... cal ripken's... mother. .../vy.... ripken... was kidnapped at gunpoiit... aberdeen home ... july 24.../.. she... ...for... 24-hours,.../ left... with her hands bound,... in... the car ...near her home..../aberdeen... police... received... several tiis ... after ...releasing this surveillance video... of... the suspecc, .../ but. .. no arrests.../// a... baltimore county is... in... hot water ... over... his... tubing business,....//// business,....//// at... gary's... "tube 'n taxi"... in,.,., monkton,.../ gary... clock... rents... inner tubes.... to customers, .../ and... drives them... to big ... gunpowder falls...//. been fined... more than... 16... thousand dollars, .../ because ... the... county claims ... he's... running... an... illegaa business.. in... a... state park...//. because... the ...county calls... his taxi... / a... &p"trucking facility."...//// clock's... attorney ...argued ... it's... ánotá....a trans
, is a big night. i am in front of camden yards and caught ripken jr. will become a legend. he will be inducted tonight. it is a big night here. tomorrow night they will end of the statue of cal ripken jr. here at the ballpark. plus, the yankees are coming to town. and the o's are tied for first place. >> for fans in mind today, and these are exciting times. >> roger davis at the wall, and goodbye, home run. >> you knew what was going to take a while. but now we have a roster that is incredible. >> it is exciting. >> absolutely. >> who are these guys? who are these guys? it is crazy. >> it is great for the city and the fans. >> are you getting tickets today? >> i already have them. >> some of the games are already sold out so any tickets that are left are being grabbed quickly. >> are they next to each other? >> some are already buying playoff tickets. >> i have been waiting 14 years for this. i am a season-ticket holder. i continue to be one and this is what i want. playoff tickets. >> and you are buying them. >> this is the money right here. >> cal ripken jr.'s statue will be
, the place that i grew up spending summers watching baseball and call ripken and mike and jeffrey and all those guys that were my heroes, to now get to announce it at the park, to welcome a new generation of fans, to the greatest ballpark in the country is very special. this has everything to do with buck and guys on the field to. be in the chair and have a front row seat for the summer has been remarkable. as a baltimore kid this was sort of the ultimate achievement. i grew up and was born in a house that is right in front of the park. being in the press box, there is no cheering in the press box. you are talking to a fan. for me, i get caught up in the emotions of the game just like any fan that's here in the stand. this job is so unique and something i never dreamed in a million years i would be doing. there is only 30 guys and a girl, 29 twice and a girl in major league baseball that do what we get to do everyday. i never lost sight of that. that's something i want to remember everyday. this is an amazing baseball city. this town loves baseball, and we had a rough go the last two year
statue for cal ripken jr. being unveiled tonight in the middle of the playoff run by our o's. we're live this morning at camden yards with the report for you on "good morning maryland." >> good morning, it's thursday morning, i'm megan pringle, thank you for joining us. 6:00 right now. weather and traffic in just a moment, however we want to get right to the news because the big story overnight the democratic national convention. it ends tonight with the president's acceptance speech and aides will be speaking at the convention. now they're going to move it rather than the stadium instead they're moving it inside and that's because of weather. last night it was former president bill clinton who spoke. we're going to send it now live to sandra endo live in charlotte with more. >> reporter: it was quintessential clinton on stage last night laying out the framework for what the election is all about. it's a tough act to follow but tonight, it's all about barack obama. and he will make his case in his own words about why he deserves a second term. ♪ former president bill clinton ma
. >>> and baseball's ironman returns to camden yards. the living legend statue for cal ripken unveiled just before the o's take on the yankees. a live report coming up this morning. >>> clearly charlie out live again at camden yards. somebody is excited about tonight's game. and we'll check in with him and a bit and in the meantime if you are headed downtown to go cheer on the o's you probably want to know how the weather is looking. over to meteorologist lynette charles. >> good morning everyone. we are looking pretty dry for the most part so we will continue that trend as we go throughout the day and also we'll get a little bit of sunshine in here it's going to look more like it did jed and the day before that. an isolated shower or storm is possible in the afternoon. the green spots indicative of rain showers this morning. very light in nature. 270 you are going to be seeing some wet weather there especially in virginia. rossville trying to get on the edge of light rain this morning. then over to the eastern shore around federalsburg dealing with some moderate rain there. huh lock more of the s
is the battle for first place coming up shortly. an absolutely incredible moment as cal ripken, jr. joins the hall of famers to have his statue unveiled. hoping maybe we would see the hand up high. cal making a play for sure. as we see the bronze statue, the fifth out of sixth unveiled. fans started lining appear hours ago for the chance to get in and be part of this ceremony. it was standing room only. cal ripken, jr. talk about the oriel way. >> the magic of the oriole way. a deep rooted connection developed over generations of people who dedicated their lives to baseball in baltimore. sure, it is a game, right? not to this group. >> absolutely incredible moment. it was electric. to be followed by the game itself. we will see jason hamill. david phelps from the orioles, knocked around a little bit. we will see if they can take care of business tonight. >> thank you. a day for legends and a day for legacies. stay with us. stay with us. 11 news but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, g
. >> let's run down just some of the names. ripken, mary, robinson, weaver. just some of the names that honor with us o's history. >> step inside camden yards and you can chat with other bird land legends. take a look. >> work for the orioles going on 56 years. >> my name is luther miracle and i'm working on my 51st year. >> gordon hoggins, this is my 51st year. >> these men are now the gentle enforcers of the stands. >> as an usher i greet them with a smile and seat them and answer any questions they might have about the ballpark, about the players, history of the orioles, obsessions, all that type of thing. >> these fervethvert baseball fans say they've lived out their dream jobs since the very start. >> i've got a job selling beer. so one night, it was real warm and i wound up selling 3,00 of beers by myself. >> we have three games. i've got $5 for parking cars. and i ran inside and sold beer for another five. so that was $10 a night. that was a lot of money them days. yes, it was. >> even with these fun tasks there's no off-season for the like of gordon. >> i was a teacher in h
ripken about this unbelievable game. >> this performance is a joint effort between students in maryland and students in china. i explain coming up. >> live. local. late- breaking. you're watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5 with stan stovall, donna hamilton, tom tasselmyer, and sky team 11 covering breaking news relive. at 5s in tv 11 news continues now. >> fans are pouring in to camden yards kicking off what we hope will be a very fun until the weekend. this is the final homestand for the orioles as they had to stamp of for the final three games of this season. >> there one game back of the yankees in the american league east. george lettis is talking to fans and the iron man himself. >> happy orange friday to you. 90 minutes before the game and already the anticipation is building here. fans are making their way in. they have been waiting 15 years for a meaningful final homestand. this series against the red sox has huge implications. fans have traveled from near and far this season by the name. . this is a big deal. ripken has his take on this improbable run. >> i have given up a few more r
8. it was the 17th anniversary of the consecutive games streak for cal ripken. the iron man went bronze. >> a bigger person playing the person of shortstop and was proud of the success that i had and proud of the time that i played there. i think it captured who was at shortstop. >> a very good like this. jim palmer and eddie murphy were at -- and eddie murray were at last night's game. >> everybody got statuettes. >> you picked a good game to go to. >> 5:27. 69 degrees on tv hill. >> the conventions are over and both candidates are ready to hit the campaign trail running. >> baltimore city police officers will be saying goodbye officers will be saying goodbye to one of th now sink your teeth into that big n' toasted if you're ready to soar. good. exits are here, here, and here. a big day calls for the big n' toasted breakfast sandwich. grab yours at dunkin' donuts. there's birth control you don't have to think about taking every day or even every year. i'm painting my arms. i want another child, but not for a while. it's mirena, a small intrauterine contraceptive that's over 99%
date in history. 17 years ago today megan cal ripken jr. became baseball's ironman at 2130 games consecutive games played without taking a day off. imagine doing your job that day. going to work for over 2,000 days in a row and never calling in sick. but cal ripken he did it. and in 1995 he became the all time leader at 2131. tonight the o's are going to honor the ironman by unveiling the statue in the living legend park. cal is fifth. so cal is going to take his place among them. some things you need to know for the game tonight. gates are going to open at 5:00 and the ceremony around 5:15. then on the field ceremony at 6:20 tonight just before first pitch against the yankees. we talked to monica about this today. the game tonight is a sellout. a lot of people coming out to the ballpark here in downtown baltimore. be patient and take your time because a lot of people are going to be wanting to get here. coming up here we're going to go back to 1995. also a piece of commemorative memorabilia detailing just how long cal played that's coming up in about 15 minutes. megan? >> rememb
at the sports with a preview of that, and ds - the way the ttam is honoring cal ripken junior.good morning joee d. 3 3 p. 3 3 coming up... democrats are gearing up... for president obaaa's acceptance speech. speech.why tonight's speech... is being moved.and the reason it's drawing critics. you're watching ox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. [ female announcer ] over the years, your mouth has sipped, snacked, ...yellowed... lived, loved, ...yellowed... chatted, chewed, ...yellowed. and over all those years, your teeth...have yellowed. fact is, if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest 3d white whitestrips remove over ten years of stains by going below the enamel surface. and, they whiten 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest whitestrips. life opens up when you do. i need all the help i can get. that's why i like nutella. mom, what's the capital of west virginia? charleston. nutella is a delicious hazelnut spread my whole family loves. mom, have you seen my -- backpack? nutella goes great on whole-wheat toast or whole-grain waffles. and its great taste comes
... the yankees .../ to... see... cal ripken'ss.. statue unveiled./... the... sculpture... will be the fifth... of... as... a... part of the orioles legend's... "celebration series". series"..... 3 3 3&we celebrate success and we ultimately........orrole way.... a statue of hall of famer third baseman brooks robbnson will be unveiled at the nd of the monnh... and ccming up with sports unlimited, the orioles battle the yankees for first place in the al east. the early shot that got the orioles off to a hot start. 3 another hot day in baltimore. but will we see a rainy close to the week? week? let's go to chief meteorologist vytas reid with your skywatch forecast. forecast. common sense says let the kids wear the jersey. why a future hall of famer is banned in one colorado school. you're seeing it right, a beaver attacks. how this animal almost tore a woman aparr. s a bad day for two young boys in framingham, massachuset. massachusetts. 3 &p it's the first day of school and their mom walks and waits with them at the bus stop.but that's not the bad
will unveil a sculpture of hall of famer cal ripken jr. prior to thuusday's series opener at camden yards. it is one of six sculptures the club is celebrating this season and comes on the 11- ripken passed lou gehrig by playing in a major league-record 2,131st consecutive game, becoming baseball's "iron man." 3 halloween issstill more than a month away... but you'd never guess that by lloking at one farmer's crop. crop.check this thing out! andrew scalise ... from wessern nnw york... has been harvesting giant pumpkins for about 10 years. years.he's currently growing &pthan 100 gallons of water every dayy.. that are pumped from a nearby pond.his biggest pumpkin is estimated at á12- hundred poundsá... and still growing strong. bustin' a move...on the streett oo baltimore. baltimore. the reasoo this man performs attbaltimore's busiesttintersections. intersections. 3 ((break 1)) i'll get a build your own burger with something cheesy... but not just cheese - mac and cheese. then i wanna add some oomph. and... top it off with a little kick. and... napkins. it's build your own bur
ripken, jr. and murray, and they will be joining the likes of babe ruth and johnny unitas. there will be a few other guests including gary williams and former orioles skipper. >>> we're talking about concussions. in response to evidence that players have been sustaining serious brain injuries, the nfl is donating $30 million to the national institute of health in bethesda. we wanted to get his take on this donation. >> the topic has been in the headlines the last four or five years. everybody has a vested interest in it. everybody is doing what they cran to help minimize concussions, the effects it has on players. >> you remember he said he plans to donate his brain to research. >> well, the ravens have more than injuries on their mind. they play on monday night football, playing the bengals. they will try to make the playoffs. >> emotions will be high. i think it's going to take care of itself. >> play like the ravens. here it comes. everybody stand up. beaning dpals, ravens, monday night here in baltimore. >>> going to be good, good stuff. it's a clear night, dry conditi
will honor cal ripken, jr. >> hopefully they'll move up to first, knock the yankees out of first place. >> no i'm a yankee. >> reporter: next door to oriole park, they see this as a big time baltimore weekend. >> we have pour baltimore ravens -- our baltimore ravens playing almost at the same time. >> reporter: the stars of abc's tv's ball boys like the fact that these orioles aren't exactly household names. >> most don't know who nate or luke are. these guys are coming out of the blue. >> people are asking for oriole stuff. now they're flying out of here. >> reporter: an original memorial stadium seat. now stand as cal ripken neighborhood feel and just across the road, linwood jones watch and he said don't sell this new oriole team short. >> don't think we're going to make it to the championship. but who knows. we came this far. we're doing good. we just might make the championship. >> reporter: in baltimore, him rutherford, abc2 news. >>> coming up at 6:00 tonight we'll tell you about the legendary evening. it will be held at the hilton. so stick around at 6. >>> it feels like septem
inside and see the unveiling. it was a statue for cal ripken, jr. as he joins the other legends come in here, hall of famers who will be remembered in bronze. this is what looked like before, the calm before the storm as we see the statue still covered up, hoping in a personal way that the statute is one that -- it is an iconic moment and photo that would be perfect for cal ripken, jr.. getting ready to face the yankees. the iron man record -- i had a chance to catch up with adam jones and he talked to me about what it means. talking about the former face of the orioles. >> it is an incredible day for this organization, for the city. we're almost guaranteed the crowd because of cal ripken, jr.. we're playing and the importance of the series -- is good for the city and we are taking advantage of it and play the game of baseball. >> play the game the right way. the orioles and yankees, first place on the line. we will talk about that at 6:00 p.m. and also at 5:45 p.m. we will show you what the statue of the iron man looks like. next door to camden yards. petraeus. >> it is easy to get
own man of iron. new statue honoring cal ripken jr.. >> what be a more -- a nice weekend? [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m. >> good morning. happy friday. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. we will do something different. we have memorized this hour. >> maybe you have memorized it. >> i do it every day. we're expecting a nice day. it is warm. 69 degrees. mostly clear skies. we will see a lot of sunshine. we could see an isolated shower or thunderstorm. the changes on the way this weekend. a powerful cold front is heading this way. our first taste of fall-like weather. >> good morning. a nice start this friday morning. closures along monument over towards the patterson park because of sinkhole repair. 60 traveling southbound from the white marsh area. 60 over towards towson. 54 on the west side just past 70 and moving well as you make your approach to 95. fi
not just a big night for the game but also honoring cal ripken jr.. >> reporter: taking a lot of history tonight here at the ballpark at camden yards megan. the game is a sellout against the new york yankees. baltimore trails new york by one game in the a. l. east. it's the first for the o's in 15 years and tonight we're going back 17 years and remembering the ironmanment on this date, 1995 when ripken jr. set the all time mark at 2131 games, consecutive games played breaking the record by lou gehrig. that was a mark many thought would never be broken in baseball. cal did it in 1995 and tonight the organization is going to have his living legend statue immortalized here at the ballpark. >> the city of baltimore has ohm baited cal from -- embraced cal from day one certainly as part of a prominent family coming from the area. just a really unique situation in professional sports to be able to say that you have a hometown guy who will accomplish that much and is one of your own. >> reporter: okay, a few notes about the game tonight. the gates are going to open at 5:00 and the ceremony aroun
remembering baseball's ironman on this date. 17 years ago, cal ripken became the all time consecutive games leader beating lou gehrig at 213 #. that's the number, consecutive games played a streak that will never be broken in the history of baseball. tonight, the living legend statue will be unveiled honoring cal and that's coming up for you tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. the ceremony around 5:15 just before the start of the game. we're going to have a preview for that for you today here on "good morning maryland." but for first let's go back to the studio with lynette and a check of the forecast. >>> all right, charlie let's talk about what's going on right now becae we are looking pretty good. we have a shower in caroline county and also some showers in virginia just about around montgomery county. we can see some showers now trying to move into the rockville area. that will be the scenario through the morning. very light in nature out and about and an isolated show in the afternoon and evening time frame but mainly dry for today. temperature-wise this morning we're at 70 kegs right now in woo
.....hall of fame phortstop cal ripken junior......immortalizeddnext to other oriole greats..... (3:59)we celebrate success and we ultimately find out who we are innfailure these arr the life lessons that playout on the baseeall field these are the life lessons learned fromm men like sr....frank....eddie brooks ...jim and so many more who wore the oriole uniform...this is the oriole way..... (clapping nats)(4:54)that was wonderful really really wonderful tribute to a great guy.....(nats)thousands lined the stadium near and witness....oriole eaalier 2 hours earlier than the game played its just so exciting for baltimore..... many fans like dan corkran.... (7:36)the orioles are a part of life in maryland......went back down memory he witnessed the fifth oo sixth statues unveeled at camden yards...(6:33)i saw the orioles all my life and to think what it would come down to with all these great players on one was a part of history(nnts) honoring one of baltimore's best....(nats)many say.....will not be prime player of what a is a - all of uss.....(nats)(
at the induction of cal ripken, jr. into the hall of legends. >> we'll try again tomorrow. in the meantime a heavy line. :h [ female announcer ] over the last ten years, your mouth has sipped, snacked, ...yellowed... giggled, snuggled, ...yellowed... chatted, chewed, ...yellowed. and over all those years, your teeth...have yellowed. fact is, if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest 3d white whitestrips remove over ten years of stains by going below the enamel surface. and, they whiten 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest whitestrips. life opens up when you do. >>> it's oustedden thought of as a side effect for those with breast cancer. linda so tells us why women will be bearing it -- baring it all in the name of cancer. >> reporter: kim isn't shy about showing breast cancer patients her body. she had a mass text am i and reconstructive surgery at the same time and said she couldn't be happier with the results. >> it was very important to share that experience with other women. >>eporter: in a new survey from the american society of plastic surgeons show most w
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the end of the deer or -- and of the year. >> we have been told we need a frank perdue or a cal ripken. hopefully things go right. >> this contribution will be the largest for a minor league baseball projects for the state maybe even in the country. >> a very humble, kind individual. >> many residents are grateful but would seek it stay out of downtown. >> there is too much congestion for the locals. >> this is not a high-profile celebrity and he assures the city he will not sell the rights. he wants to name it after someone well known in hagerstown. abc 7 news.
are unveiling the cal ripken yards. karen yards. parks... streaming live from thh the stadium where the unveiling is just minutes away. 3 3 new tonight on fox 45 news at 5:30... a baltimore county district court judge in hot water over his berating of a women in his own court room. the startling sound... coming up. 3 a girl trapped under a it happened.... and what made this rescue more difficult than most. 3 --adblib weather tz-- 3 3 an illinois jury finds drew peterson guilty in the murder of his third wife, kathleen savio. the verdict came down less than 2 hours ago... the former police sergeant was only charged áafterá his fourth wife, stacy peterson, thousand-seven. he's also considered a suspect in that case, but has never been charged peterson faces a maximum of sixty years behind bars. 3 a... very... close call... for... a... little girl in china... who... barely escaped... a... bus accident. officials... say.... theegirl was riding her bike... on... the sidewalk.../ whenn.. the... bus driver... lost contro
and play the yankees in a three game series tomorrow night and the a statue of cal ripken jr. will be unveiled. a big night tomorrow night to say the least. what else can a fan asked for? what about football? gerry sandusky has that. >> it is a busy night downtown to say the least. ravens fans getting the season kicked off tonight when they will watch your on channel 11. ravens fans have shown up here setting up and the cheerleaders have shown up as well. it kicks off on monday night at home against the cincinnati bengals. the first time they will have a monday night home game since five years ago. a trip to the championship game and that means this year the expectations are even higher. there ravens have been dominant at home. they have won their last stand straight. the only tape -- team to go to the playoffs each of the last four years. as i mentioned, the expectations are higher than ever. the players cannot wait to get this started as well. >> he had done a great job this year. i think you can see a different joe, a guy who understands. not since he did not before but i
. >> two oriole greats were honored last night, cal ripken jr. and eddie murray. ripken joked about his family's fondness for eddie. >> my dad loved eddie. he was instrumental in him becoming a switch hitter. >> there will be an unveiling of a bronze sculpture as part of the o's legend celebration series. >> 5:27. 74 degrees on tv hill. state >> officials are taking action to protect maryland residents from the west nile virus. a celebration worthy of a gold medal. >> we have a touch of autumn in the seven-day forecast. >> we have some closures in >> we have some closures in want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey t cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm stan stoval
to be unveiling cal ripken, jr's statue just over here in the memorial park. it's going to be on the anniversary of when he broke lou gehrig's consecutive game streak, september 6th, 1995 and when he set that mark, cal ripken played more than 2,600 consecutive games before taking a break. he retired later in that same season. he's a hall of famer now. tomorrow he'll be forever remembered here at camden yards with a statue going up in memorial gardens. megan. >> charley, thanks. a reminder, we want to see your orioles pride. send us your best pictures of you in your o's gear. if you are at the game, we would love to see it. e-mail them to you can always upload them to our facebook page. you might see those pictures on the air. >>> in the meantime the ravens kick off the season on monday, however, the celebrations are already getting under way. this all starts today to get pumped with the cheerleaders, poe and the ravens marching band from 5:00 to 11:00 tonight at power plant live. tomorrow the ravens cheerleaders will be at the green turtle, that's at mchenry rel autographing their
? before the game last night, it was all about number eight, a standing ovation welcoming cal ripken jr. back to the field he knows so well. on the 17-year anniversary of the day he broke lou gehrig's consecutive game streak with 132. what a moment. now you're maryland lottery pick three and pick 4 numbers. >> the maryland lottery celebrate purple friday all week long. >> happy purple friday. i am sarah fleisher from 98 rock. your numbers for today are -- good luck. 3 for starters. that is a nine as printed on the ball in the middle. and her final number is 7. making your pick 3 number today, 397. we will get to pick 4 in a moment. sunday, september 9, head to your favorite lottery retailer to double or triple your winnings. heading over to drawing official whitney norris, a zero for starters. the next number is 89 as printed on the ball. followed by a bridge is a nine as printed on the ball. followed by a 7. followed by a one. 0971. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> john has your ravens forecast for the season opener monday. >> a string of good game weather situations. mostly
. the eternal tribute to cal ripken junior... on fox 45 news at five.3
with the yankees. the biggest first week of september for the franchise since cal ripken and jr. broke the iron man mark. a three-run shot to left field, his 17th of the season. 3-0 auriols. it was raining for a little while before they shut the roof. they could not put a lid on the orioles. the seventh inning, j.j. hardy with a single. the orioles were in front 7-0. chris davis will double to left field and adam jones comes around. the score, 8-0 aureoles. a single to right, matt wieters comes around to score and the orioles rout the blue jays, 12- 0 big new york has now lost four out of five. new york to the early lead tonight in tampa. 1-0 yankees. bottom of the third, evan longoria puts tampa up to stay. a two-run shot, 3-2 rays. chapelwood put together five and enter runs -- tampa would put together five unanswered runs. and but they beat the yankees 5- 2. this one will have people shaking their heads around the country. the orioles have pulled into a first-place tie with the new art yankees. the orioles have 10 games left, with the yankees andy rays. starting with a four-game series at the yo
down from them. >> why don't they put that energy into winning games? >> it was cal ripken night as his statue was unveiled. bottom of the first, the o's built a 6-1 lead. the yankees tied with if w. five runs in theating. the os hit flee home enters theating and went on to win 10- 6. the os hit flee homers in the eighth and went on to -- hit three homers in the eighth and went on to win 10-6. >> reporter: in this city full of museums, you rarely see something quite like this. >> the meat dress. >> reporter: it is the dress made of meat that lady gaga wore to the mtv video awards in 2010. yes, the boots are here too. for the record, it is argentinian steak. >> obviously, being prone to dote ration, it had to be dehydrated and preserved. >> reporter: gaga's point, if you don't speak your mind, you will have no more power than a piece of meat. the dress is one slice of rock history on display at the national museum of women in the arts. it is called women who rock. >> my title here is chief curator. i'm nicknamed myself chief fan because i run from case to case and look at all these obje
are not challenging yourself. charley crowson, abc2 news. what call ripken junior is saying about post season hopes and a film could be putting your money at risk. how the u.s. government is trying to block cyber attacks. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of llions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. >>> my space was once massive success but overshadowed by facebook and twitter and pinterest. it will focus on music sharing and artists. >> one of the reason people detested it, it was a cluttered mess. it represented everything bad about the way the internet used to
to introduce you -- you won cal ripken's suburban the night he broke the streak. >> yes, sir. >> how much did you spend? >> more than the last bidder. >> you flew in from san diego last night. >> we flew in about three hours ago, going to catch a game tonight and tomorrow morning make the long trip back to san diego. >> in cal's car. >> in cal's car. they took very good care of us out here. >> now you're cal's friend for life. after two straight losses you're down in the dumps a little bit. keep your chin up. let's in the forget this. enjoy the ride right now. those who ordered your playoff tickets, you could see them in the mail in the next day or two. if you didn't, when they within the on sale, you would scam it for tickets. here's what you need to know. check for colors that are out of registration or smudged ink. also, look for the edges. the paper shouldn't split. it's a big tipoff if they're fake. >> there's no dates or time because the post season has not been stled. >> reporter: when you're on the internet looking for the tickets try to avoid craigslist and stay with reputable sites
... cal ripken... and... eddie murray... were honored.../ tonight..../ jeff, cal ripken and eddie murray were inducted as legends herr at the museum at camden yards. its been 3 electric night forrbasebaal. its been 1997 since people were talking about baseball here in october. even the ravens band say they're huge o's fans. people still poured into pickles pub even during an away game tonight.faas say baseball magic has returned to baltimore after 15 long years. tonight cal ripkennand eddie into sportsslegends museum. to a packed it seems like we're on the verge of anothee golden time for baltimore baseball: "it's unbeeievable, happy for the excitement the older feel - generation talks about" about" "" am ccnsidering flying out from arizona just to see a game" game" "this is a huge baseball town, the people are back behind them, i just hope hey can finish this thing off" off" "ooo yea" ttmorrow, the o's will be back home they start their battle with the yankees. live in downtown baltimore, jp fox45 news at ten. 3 3 the reas
of the new cal ripken jr. statue. the orioles hit six home runs in the game last night. mark reynolds, he had two of them. this is unbelievable what he is doing. 8 home runs in the last seven games. he is the first to hit multiple home runs against the yankees in the season and. he has been on an unbelievable care. we know he is a great ballplayer, but even to his teammates, he is something special. >> he is a unique player. he is a guy when you get hot, he is one of the best in the game. i think when people knew when he was not swinging better earlier in the year, he can really carry a team. >> he can carry it as well keeping everyone in camden yard is wearing are and, feeling very confident. there is a belief they can get this done. a share first place with the yankees. coming up, we will talk about the matchup against the bronx bombers. back to you. >> you cannot do something if you do not think you can do with. that brings this to our text question. what are you more excited for this weekend? text "a" if you are more excited about the nfl season taking off or more excited -- or text "b" i
of this series. >>> all right. the orioles began a four game series with the yankees after honoring cal ripken. then the game, jones, reynolds and davis went deep. they topped new york, 10-6. the os can take possession with a -- win tonight. >>> redskins fans are counting down all weekend long. 55 hours away from the beginning of the season. the skins will steak -- take on the saints. the skins don't have the home opener until the 23rd. >>> the ravings will be holding a viewing tomorrow for art modell. he moved the team the city in 1996. he died yesterday. the ceremony will be tomorrow. >>> our time is 6:25. coming up on 9 news now -- >>> happy friday. 6:29. this is the place you can get your weather first. the temperatures in the low to mid-70s. depending on where you are making up this morning and a live look at internationals park. look at, where the first place nationals are playing and -- >> they will play tonight. >> putting up a bunch of runs. and a little bit of the crew team doing work. >> beautiful start to the morning. thank you for starting your day with us. >> happy friday. >>> ho
enough on its own, but tomorrow we're going to be unveiling the cal ripken, jr. statue as it will be september 6th, 17 years since he broke lou gehrig's record as baseball's all-time ironman, just 2300 games to break ger ig's record, ripkin went 2600 straight games without taking a day off. that's going to be enough for saturday's game to be sold out. and coming up on "good morning maryland," we're going to talk about ticket prices because if you go to stubhub or other ticket outlets, they're going for a pretty penny right now. >> we want to remind you, we want to see fan photos, whether you're sticking to orange or switching to purple, maybe you're mixing and matching, send them to or you can always go to to our facebook page and share them that way. >>> you have dhoak this out, a groundskeeper, he keeps the crowd pretty entertained, look at this move, cleaning up the fields in the yellow bow tie. he's doing the charleston. he does a little dance during the yankees/rays game. this is in tampa, and sort of reminds you of the dance. lynette, you want to try
out at the end of the year. >> were told you need to -- need a cal ripken. >> this contribution would be the largest for a project in the state, may be the country. >> and very humble and kind individual. >> many residents are grateful but would like to see it stay at of downtown. >> there is too much congestion for locals. >> this is not a high profile celebrity and he assures the city he will not sell the naming rights. he wants to name it after someone who passed away close to him. someone who was very well known in hagerstown. rex that is all for abc 7 news at 5:00 p.m. abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> live and in hd. this is abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m. on your side. >> bill clinton will speak tonight in charlotte. >> that is one of the headlines coming out of the democratic national convention. let's go to charlotte right now and see gordon peterson and our political reporter. a lot going on down there. >> i said we were in charleston at 5:00 p.m. they have not moved the convention. >>
. thursday, tomorrow night is a big night, that's when cal ripken, jr. will have his statue unveiled. it'll be 17 years to the day that he broke lou gehrig's record. he became the man in baseball on this day in 1995. tickets to the game -- the game is sold out, so if you go to the likes of secondary sites like stubhub, they'll run you $300, $400, there's one person out there wanting $1,000 to get into tomorrow night's game. >> that person wants to go badly. thanks, charley. >>> a reminder, we want to see your orioles pride in the hunt for an orange october, so send us your best pictures of you in your o's gear, you at the game, whatever it is, e-mail it to just a reminder, if you don't want to do that, you can always upload them to our facebook page. you might even see them on the air, but we definitely would love to see those pictures, so pass them along. >>> the yankees lost to tampa bay last night, helping to put the o's in that number one spot. who cares about that game when you have a groundskeeper like this. this is john down in tampa. check out his sweet moves. he l
the excitement of the previous games out of the water. they were excited about to cal ripken, jr. >> a standing ovation welcoming the iron man back on to the diamond he knows so well. >> coming in september 6, it feels really good walking into that stadium and seeing the excitement and seeing the big series in september. >> the ceremonial first pitch was greeted by loud cheers from the crowd. the o's have been flying high. there is an incredible amount of excitement. fans want to see him honored on a special anniversary. 17 years since his 21-31 game where he tied lou gehrig in consecutive games. the statue was unveiled in the picnic area of camden yards. >> it looks good, i am getting first look at it. >> for me personally, to see him there is very special. he stands out in baseball history. he deserves it. >> he says he is honored. >> this symbolized a bigger person playing the position of shortstop and i was proud of the success i had their. i was very proud of the time i played there. it looks like me and captured who was as a shortstop. >> he joins other oriole legends in the big creek are
for hall of famers al rifkin and 80 murray. >> -- cal ripken and eddie murray. >> baltimore's iron man will be honored with the unveiling of a larger-than-life bronze sculpture tomorrow night at orioles park at the legends celebration series. murray receive the same honor last month. >> of next, the backlash is pouring in after comments made by baltimore county judge during a domestic violence case. >> thunderstorms moving of the midlantic rose, but there is more in the >> there were calls for the ousting a baltimore county judge bruce lamdin tonight. there was a domestic violence case that he oversaw. >> >> live, local, late- breaking. was removed -- lamdin was removed from the bench yesterday. next this woman came to the court because she was really scared. >> that launchner was commenting on what happened in the court room of baltimore county judge bruce lamdin. a woman described two incidents in her home and ask lamdin to remove him from her home. he told her to get out and go to a shelter. >> it is our house. i am his wife. >> it is his house. i don't care what the police say. you
on traffic and the -- check on traffic coming up. >>> the honor the city is giving the iron man cal ripken we have details of what fans have to say about him. >> health officials concernedregarding autism and symptoms of epilepsy and doctors say there may be be a way to control it. more coming up -- may be a wa >>> it's revving up and getting ready to take on audubon. ford will sell the classic mustangs in europe. the mustang has a big european fan base and i am sure it does. and they didn't say when they will start selling the cars there but they say they are. so no word on whether or not the european model will be identical to the ones sold here in the united states. >> they do tend to change them a little bit when they sell them overseas. they have to right? well baltimore will tay tribute to art modell this morning. we have details coming up because the team wants you to show newspaper good morning --up. >> good morning maryland at 5 begins right now. >> you are watching the stationthat works for you, now, good morning maryland. >> remembering a baltimore sports ledge en. how to pay -- le
will start at tackle. it is feeding the orioles will battle for first place. cal ripken will be honored. >> stick around. >> this morning we asked -- now that the orioles are in first place, will you be going to more games at camden yards in the final month of the season? if you can get tickets. >> keep sending us those responses. we will read more of your responses in the next hour and post all of them on the front page of our website, do you think attendance will go up? >> big crowds are ready this weekend with the yankees. >> will wear orange again tomorrow - will we wear orange again tomorrow? >> as long as they keep winning. >> bill clinton is on tap to speak at the democratic national convention tonight. the party hopes he can help out in november. >> a judge is in hot water. >> a passionate plea to reelect the president. democrats heard from michelle obama last night. >> they also heard from in
ripken foundation is getting some help this morning. [ inaudible ] plans to donate $25,000 to the foundation in support of their local initiative to help teach critical life lessons to damaged children. >>> two local letter carriers, they are becoming part of an elite club this morning. the u.s. postal service is recognizing two from dun dawk and that's for driving one million miles without being involve inside a single accident. >>> a while back we told you about a woman who brought a real renmore painting. this happened at a yard sale. she bought it for $7 at a flea market in west virginia. turns out that painting may have been stolen from a local museum. you see the artwork was a surprise and it was supposed to go up for auction and tomorrow, that's when it was going to happen. however, a reporter did a little digging and believes that that painting, it may have been stolen from the baltimore museum of art more than six decades ago. the action has been called off and the fbi is now investigating. >>> a seven-week-old puppy stolen from an animal resource foundation
. that would be cal ripken, jr, also palmer, murray and robinson. their statues are already there. brooks is going up and that's going to be tomorrow afternoon, ceremony at 5:00. of course, the o's, they need to take care of business and do the winning that needs to be done so they can close the gap on new york and continue their playoff run. >> so many generations of fans are getting something out of this season. you know, we've got folks who have been orioles fans for their entire life, for 70 years, they can relive these great memories of these former players, but also enjoy the success on the field and certainly for the younger players -- for the younger fans, they're learning about these older players and what they've meant to the ball club. >>reporter: again, megan, that ceremony will be tomorrow night here at camden yards. the game is sold out. that ceremony will be at 5:00. then an on-the-field presentation for brooks right before the first pitch at 7:05. >> a lot going on there, charley. i don't mean to put you on the spot, i know saturday's game is sold out, what about sunday,
was honored last year. cal ripken came to camden yards. he had are statue dedicated last night. he's proud, bottom eighth, we're tied at six, adam jones with a home run. mark reynolds getting in on the action. a two-run shot, his second of the night. reynolds has three two-home run games against the yankees in the last week. the orioles wince 10-6 and regain a share of the a.l. east lead. >>> you know, folks, the redskins have spent weeks game planning for the saints. today a twist. an appeals panel has overturned the suspensions for the four players involved in the bounty-gate scandal. two of those players are still with the saints. jonathan vilma month play because of a knee injury, but will smith will face the skins. however, things could change again. the league may try to impose another suspension on the players. whatever the kay mae be, nothing changes for the redskins defense. they still have to find a way to contain drew brees. it's going to be a stiff test for this defense, about you they feel like they're ready to take that next step. >> it's just continuing to get better. last y
to ponder. half famer cal ripken made it to one world series in his career in 1983 and never made it back. >> you got your run going now. you don't know if you'll get it back. >> i paid money to see strasburg. >> you need to keep in mind the team is really young. we need to worry about the future. there's five, six good years of pitching left in these guys. they're all in the beginning of their career. >> reporter: you want to weigh in? you're wearing a strasburg jersey. >> he's right. trust me. >> reporter: so enjoy it now, nats fans. the ks are coming to a close. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> even the doctors are not in agreement about the necessity of shutting down strasburg. earlier today on fox 5 news at 5:00 i spoke with dr. david guyer via skype about this decision. >> 160 innings is what of an arbitrary limit that they've decided. we know that overuse is a factor. the problem is knowing is it 160 innings, is it 180 innings and is it just this season or many seasons down the road? that's one of the problems. you're just trying to make the best educated decision you can. >> right no
that the nats will win again next year with steven strasburg here's a point to ponder. cal ripken made it to one world series early in his career, 1983 winning it all. he never got back. >> you have your run on now. don't know if it will ever come back again. >> they have a good finance squad. maybe can do without it. i wouldn't like to see that. >> one thing to keep in mind, team is really young. right now have to worry about the future. there's at least five or six years of pitching between the guys. they're all in the beginning of their career. >> you agree with this? >> i do. >> how about you? you want to weigh wearing a str jersey. >> he's right. >> reporter: so enjoy it, fans. the ks are coming to a close. >> manager dave i have johnson said john lannan, a pitcher who won twice will likely be taking strasburg's police in the rotation, telling reporters last night he's not chopped liver. >> >>> earlier today, the university of maryland held an open tryout for its team. students who filled out the proper paperwork got a chance to compete. most if not all of the players on the current squad
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